Poultry Exhibition

Poultry exhibition
Poultry Exhibition 
Poultry Exhibition, an international standard exhibition for the poultry industry presents the 2nd Edition at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Middle East and North Africa Poultry Confernce in association with MEWA. This poultry exhibition is a wide forum with valuable information about poultry industry; feed equipment’s, technology, breeders, Egg farming, poultry nutrition, animal health and international poultry production. This poultry exhibition also offers newest advances in poultry research, science and technology like cages and feed milling importance. Poultry exhibition offers advanced knowledge and understanding of poultry industry via scientific forums, workshops and career opportunities in the Poultry Industry.
The main aim of this Poultry Exhibition is to help you to keep abreast of the latest developments and practice in the poultry management, poultry health & nutrition, poultry breeding and new techniques in feed manufacturing and poultry production.
Poultry farming in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East and North Africa countries is a culmination of many years of innovation and ingenuity, in the face of tough circumstances. Moreover, today, the industry as a whole, with its enabling of low cost model with increased productivity, is a showcase of success like few, across the world. In the event, Poultry farmers, breeding companies, integrators and animal health nutritionist can see the progress of their peers and review the usefulness of such procedures and practices for their national and international poultry productions.
Middle East Poultry Expo (MEP) is a unique poultry exhibition to display, developments and thinking for the improvement of the industry and also attracts ample trading and investment opportunities.
The emerging challenges in the production has created new pressures on the national industry , the fraternity fights everyday against, the irregularities in supply and pricing of raw materials and farm produce, the environmental challenges of manure disposal, the hardship of finding competent & regular farm help and the emergence of newer disease profiles. 
Leading regional and international poultry industry experts will come together on single platform on “MENA Poultry Confernce” on 3rd to 5th of May. 2023 to share their Intelligence and experience to provide insights for those working in the many sectors of this vast industry.

665  Million Riyals

The total amount of support provided to the poultry sector through the agricultural subsidies program amounted to more than 665 million riyals, according to the last official announcement from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in January 2021. The Ministry seeks, through these subsidies, to strengthen the food security system and support new investments in the Saudi poultry industry.

Poultry Exhibition 2022 Edition 
The last year edition of this poultry exhibition has reached the participation of 140 exhibitor from 30 countries and 6500 visitors from 54 countries worldwide has involved in the poultry exhibition’s activites and MENA Poultry Confernce 
Exhibiting at Poultry Exhibition
It will give you the opportunity as an exhibitor in the most prominent poultry exhibition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to enhance the presence of your products and innovations in the largest poultry markets in the Middle East and North Africa. The government and the private sector are investing heavily in poultry projects and unparalleled financing in neighboring countries. The industry of poultry is booming and requires more investments to achieve the food security goals that the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aspires to.
Riyadh is  the ideal place for businesses to access a thriving and rapidly growing market. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab Gulf country in terms of area and population, and is the growing player in poultry farming in the Middle East, as the Saudi government is investing heavily in finding innovative solutions to regional challenges in poultry production and an innovative response to the ever-increasing demand, and more than what the Kingdom produces alone about 1.3 billion birds and 5.4 billion eggs annually.

275 Poultry Projects Licenses in 2022

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture announced the issuance of new licenses in the poultry production and breeding sector in the Kingdom, amounting to 275 new licenses. 119 licenses for broiler projetcs and 26 new projects to produce eggs with a production capacity of more than two billion eggs per year, and 12 projects to breed and produce broiler mothers and operate hatcheries with a production capacity of 480.5 million chicks per year.
The ministry added that this aims to develop the agricultural services sector and support agricultural production, expecting that these licenses will contribute to encouraging investment in agricultural production projects using modern techniques that guide water consumption, and the best agricultural practices adopted and approved, in line with the ministry’s strategy and Vision 2030 to achieve food security, and in pursuit of Including in securing a distinct local product of high quality.
Sponsor of Poultry Exhibition
Many major national companies participate in sponsoring the poultry exhibition, as well as presenting presentations on their various products of poultry meat, eggs and feed. Also participating in the poultry exhibition are poultry companies from the Arab Gulf countries, such as the Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. Many companies producing poultry meat are looking to enter the Saudi market as well.

One Event .. Multiple Sectors at the poultry exhibition

The Poultry Exhibition, through its various pavilions, covers all sectors of the poultry industry, in order to be the largest event and the ideal destination for investors in the sector and decision-makers in the relevant authorities and bodies.

Poultry Exhibition Sectors: 

– Poultry farming equipment and production techniques

– Fodder and feed factories and their equipment

– Equipment for poultry farms

– Veterinary Medicine and Food Safety

– Meat processing 

– Egg processing 

– Breeds, Origins, and Health of Poultry

– Nutrition techniques,drinking and feeding systems

– Slaughterhouses and packaging and transportation technologies

– Egg production, caging, transportation and storage lines

– Waste treatment and biosecurity

-Feed additives and premixes

-Hatcheries and incubators

-Poultry vaccinations

-Broiler breeding and production systems

-Sterilization, hygiene and biosecurity equipment

-Meat and egg products production and packaging equipment

This Poultry Exhibition, in association with MENA Poultry Confernce will take place at RICEC , Riyadh,  Saudi Arabia. 
For any inquiries and information contact : info@mep-expo.com