Poultry Knowledge Planet Seminar

Along with the Middle East Poultry Exhibition, the POULTRY KNOWLEDGE PLANET SEMINAR will be held. This seminar will shed light on the latest research in poultry farming and production. Speakers will present solutions and innovations in poultry production, animal health, nutrition. POULTRY KNOWLEDGE PLANET SEMINAR is  knowledge sharing event is dedicated to bringing about a change in the way we further the poultry sector.
The event attracts some of the world’s finest minds from the pioneers of companies and organizations who speak on the science of poultry and latest innovations in the fields of breeding, hygiene, nutrition, animal health, poultry equipment and logistics.
POULTRY KNOWLEDGE PLANET SEMINAR brings the poultry fraternity together by creating a networking platform to exchange their experiences and research results on all aspects of poultry technology innovation and advancements.
This seminar provides an exceptional value to everyone be it students, academics or industry researchers.
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*Only exhibiting organizations can present in the seminar program