Middle East & Africa Animal Feed Market

Feed market in middle east and africa


Animal feed formulators are skilled in creating nourishment for animals using readily available, economically sound materials. They provide nutrient-dense feed that satisfies the physical needs of animals and enhances performance, enabling equally effective, secure, and financially successful livestock operations. Even the development of a properly balanced diet for the animals’ health is assisted by feed makers. In general, goods that significantly contribute to the health of animals are referred to as animal feeds.These diets vary depending on the animal. By offering increased nutrients required for speeding the performance of the animal’s growth, weight gain, and immune system development, this feed aids in improving animal capacities. Farmers that raise livestock are becoming more conscious of the need of protein content, which must be included in animal feeds; as a result, the market for animal feed is anticipated to expand in the years to come. 


According to the research report “Middle East & Africa Animal Feed Market Outlook, 2027″” published by Bonafide Research, the MEA animal feed market has estimated to register a CAGR of 5.01% during the forecast period. South African feed market has created opportunity for feed manufacturers to grow in the market. The per capita meat consumption is increasing in South Africa creating demand for animal products and processed meat feed products.


This has created opportunity to enhance animal productivity which in turn has led to growth in livestock production. Aquaculture feed is becoming more popular in Middle East countries where the government is even increasing focus to strengthen the trade ties regarding sales of meat, between the Middle East countries and other regions. Increasing consumption of sea food and rising per capita income with increase in sea food trade between the countries and region are proving as major factor driving the growth of the market.


The business for animal feed has lost several chances because to the COVID-19 outbreak. Lack of supply chain systems has hampered producers’ ability to provide raw materials on time, which has slowed the market expansion for animal feed. Governments all around the world have issued shutdown orders for their international transportation networks, which has caused more difficulties in the animal feed business.


Due to the closure of several feed poultry and facilities, the industry of poultry feed has been severely impacted. This has caused South Africa’s intake of chicken meat to fall. The main feed market is divided into layers, broilers, and various feeds for pigs and poultry. In terms of meat consumption, the broilers section leads the pack.











The high protein content of the broiler feed aids in their quick development. Broiler chicken feed is offered in a variety of formats, including pellets, crumbles, and mash. Based on shape, pellets are in high demand in the livestock industry. There are four different types of poultry feed: pellets, mash, crumbles, and other. The pellets section has the largest market share overall. Due to their improved feed intake, greater digestibility, and increased palatability, pellet feed enhances health and promotes fast development.

Major Companies present in the market:
Cargill Inc., Guangdong Haid Group, Chareon Pokphand Foods, For Farmers, New Hope Liuhe Co Ltd, Archer Daniels Midland Co, Feed One Co, Ltd, Alltech Inc, Nutreco N.V, Kent Nutrition Group.