Shipping & Customs Facilities

1st: shipping agent:

All exhibitors have to deal directly with a shipping agent of their choice, as under any circumstances the organizers will not take in charge any responsibilities of the delay in completing full or part of the products from the Saudi customs or delivering to the platform. Any claim for compensation in delivery delay full or part damage during the shipping or loading or unloading should be directly with the shipping agent dealt with.

Recommended Shipping Agent Data:

Company Name: BCC Logistics

Company Location:  Olaya St. –  Al Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Contact Person: Charly Faddoul & Azmath Buhar 


Mobile: +966 509121068


2nd: shipping process:

The agents will provide details of shipping procedures and custom regulations to all exhibitors. An extract will be followed with the most important point of information.


Move in of Exhibits:

The agents and their broker have to exclusive the handling rights. Installations and removal will be within the Exhibition Center.

Unless all conditions in the instructions issued are complied, shippers will not be responsible for non-delivery or late arrival of goods.


For Local Exhibits:

No documentations are required but moving the goods must be coordinated through the exhibition management office and site installation contractor’s office located on site.


For International Exhibits:

The agents will advise shipping dates and issue fees, covering import clearance services, delivery and handling charges.

All goods entering the country must carry a statement it origin in a clear visible place.



Conventional break bulk cargo, containerized cargo and airfreight will be examined by customs at the point of arrival. Packing of the international standard such as bottled returnable cases should be used to provide the best protection for exhibitors. Cartoons are not recommended.


Supply the shipment

The exhibitor responsible to supply a safety shipment for its exhibits before, during the exhibition period and recover it with the export forms on the site.


Customs Regulations:

Must commit with main customs process and warn the exhibitors that trying to break the system can cause financial delay expenses.

  • Customs duty: it is now possible to import certain shipments on a temporary importation basis. However, there are strict rules and regulations governing the procedure. We strongly recommend you carefully to follow the instructions issued by the recommended freight forwarders in their shipping instructions.
  • Exportation: all exhibitors on which a deposit has been paid (insurance) and which are to be re-exported will require customs examinations at the ort or the place of exportation.
  • Exportation of alcohol is strictly forbidden inside KSA


Electrical identical certifications

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia system requires all the electrical devices and accessories to be accompanied with identical certification matching the product and matching the standards provided by the Saudi description and standards authority (SASO).

This certification needs a period up to 3 months to issue, and for it kindly the exhibitors has to contact the chamber of commerce in their countries as soon as possible to get the information needed.



  • All kind of publications submit to proves, movie reviews, social media and others for check by customs authorities upon arrival. It is advisable to send items that are liable to be submitted in advance in the shipping agents for consideration and feedback.
  • Any printed material showing drawings of nudity or nudity of women is strictly prohibited.
  • Under any circumstances, it shouldn’t ship goods and exhibits to the organizer or the executed company.
  • For more information, kindly contact the official clearance agent.