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Poultry Production in North Africa and The Middle East

Poultry Production in North Africa and The Middle East The situation of poultry and livestock in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa describes the increasing continuity of poultry products from meat and eggs with the increase in population growth in these countries. Increasing population and rising incomes make white meat and egg […]

Middle East Poultry Expo the Specialized Expo in Poultry Industry in Middle East and Africa (MEP)

The Middle East Poultry Expo (MEP) brand is the only Agricultural platform in Saudi Arabia and GCC that includes poultry expertise in all segments (Genetics, Feed, Equipment, Feed additives, Hatcheries, Meat processing, Egg processing, Packaging and cooling, Incinerators, Environmental Control Systems, Drinking Systems, Feeding Systems, Lighting Systems, Transportation and Storage Solutions, Grain Silos)   Exhibitors […]

Saudi Arabia is ranked the third in the world in the proportion of poultry consumption

السعودية الثالثة عالمياً في نسبة استهلاك الدواجن

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that the Kingdom ranks third in the world in per capita consumption of poultry at a rate of 50 kilograms annually, as the Kingdom consumes approximately 1.4 million tons annually of poultry meat and poultry products. The government of the Kingdom […]