The Saudi Agriculture Exhibition Specialized In Poultry Production and Processing in Riyadh

المعرض الزراعي السعودي المتخصص في إنتاج الدواجن بالرياض
The Middle East Poultry Exhibition is the specialized Saudi agricultural exhibition and the only expo of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and North Africa region, specialized in the poultry production and processing industry in all its sectors, in which tens of local and international specialized in the agricultural and livestock sector participate, in which they showcase the latest agricultural innovations, breeding equipment and poultry farm equipment.
This is the first Saudi agriculture exhibition specialized in the poultry industry as a result of the unparalleled support provided by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represented by the environment, water and agriculture system, which is headed by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and includes the Agricultural Development Fund and the General Grain Corporation in order to enhance food security and achieve self-sufficiency in poultry meat and eggs the table.


The Saudi Agriculture sector is one of the growing sectors, specifically the poultry sector, where the government invests heavily in supporting the Saudi agricultural sector with all its industries, including the poultry industry, which ranks first in support and development lending operations.
The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture invests heavily in supporting poultry farms and Saudi poultry projects through government facilities through granting land, advisory support, capital support, and granting interest-free loans to enhance the Saudi agricultural sector and contribute to its development.
The Middle East Poultry Expo covers a very wide range of sectors and exhibits, which include;
  • Breeds and origins of laying and broiler poultry
  • companies supplying mothers of broiler and laying chickens
  • poultry breeding companies
  • table egg production companies
  • hatching egg production companies
  • chick incubators and hatchers
  • animal feed companies, agricultural equipment companies in Saudi Arabia
  • laying and broiler poultry feed
  • chick feed, silos Feeds, Feed Production Lines, Feed Additives
  • Poultry Health, Veterinary Medicines, Veterinary Services
  • Cleaning and Sterilization Equipment for Poultry Houses
  • Biosecurity Solutions, Meat Laboratories, Bio labs, Drinking and Water Systems in Poultry Farms
  • Feed and Feeding Systems in Poultry Farms
  • Control Systems Environmental poultry house and farms, poultry house lighting systems, poultry house ventilation and heating systems
  • Egg packing boxes, egg transport lines, egg processing solutions
  • Poultry slaughterhouses, poultry cooling lines
  • Poultry transport lines, poultry meat packing lines, veterinary medicine and programs Training and apprenticeship
  • Tools and equipment for bird vaccination
  • Tools and equipment for food and quality laboratories, poultry vaccines
  • Equipment and solutions for treating solid waste and sewage, animal and poultry incinerators, techniques and tools for controlling rodents and pests in poultry projects
  • Companies and offices preparing a feasibility study for poultry projects
  • Environmental impact measurement companies, environmental protection services and waste disposal
As the Saudi agricultural exhibition specialized in the poultry sector, the Middle East Poultry Exhibition aims to attract thousands of visitors specializing in the Saudi agricultural and animal sectors and specialists from the Arab Gulf countries, the Middle East, and North Africa to provide an ideal business platform that brings together the leaders of the poultry industry and aims to connect thousands of investors with hundreds of local and international companies will showcase their agricultural innovations and technologies at this exhibition.
The Middle East Poultry Exhibition will be held at the Riyadh International Exhibition and Convention Center in Riyadh in March 2022.